Divorce Solutions

Bishop Divorce Solutions is your source for financial issues related to divorce, regardless of where you are in the process.

         You are contemplating divorce or legal separation, and want to explore your options related to divorce and real estate.
         We evaluate your situation early in the process, providing valuable knowledge should you proceed to dissolve the marriage.

        You are In the middle of the process and need to understand your financial position and available options.
       We analyze and advise you to determine your best strategy for a secure future.

        The divorce is final, but you are left wondering what is next. Can you qualify for a mortgage? Can I really afford the family home?
       We review your financials you to have your best possible life ahead of you.

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Don't leave planning your finances for your
post Divorce life to chance.

We have amassed tremendous tools and knowledge through our on-going education, certifications, careers and life experiences.

Though never divorced, we have watched the pain and frustration of others going through the process and later stating, IF ONLY"...

Including us in your divorce team early in the process, will help avoid those "IF ONLY's".

We delve into many financial aspects often overlooked  by attorneys.  Looking at your financial picture both and  in the future, helps solidify the best possible future for you.

There is no charge for the initial consultation.

Why we do what we do.