Mortgage Under Management

Who is Managing Your Mortgage?

Who is entrusted with managing your mortgage? Your home, and therefore your mortgage, are often the largest piece of your financial balance sheet. With the significant value often surpassing all other investments combined, it's crucial to have a skilled professional managing your mortgage from closing day on. 

Mortgage Management is…
Annual financial reviews to stay current on your goals, ensuring your mortgage and real estate needs are met. 
Periodic financial reminders, keeping you on track with your goals and preventing expensive oversights. 
Regular updates on your home's property value.
Suggestions on leveraging home equity
Review of existing mortgage(s) to ensure they continue to align with your financial goals.
Mortgage rate monitoring, alerting you to money-saving opportunities as they arise. 
Tips and techniques on home maintenance, and maximizing your property's value while avoiding costly repairs. 
Methods to accelerate mortgage payoff without the need for refinancing, helping you achieve financial freedom sooner. 

How much does this cost?
This service is completely free. Personal finance is my passion, and I'm dedicated to helping you achieve their financial goals.